The Vending Machine Of Tomorrow Will Lure You In With Beautiful Animations

There's the potential for the next generation of touchscreen LCD vending machines to be an all out assault on our senses. So here's hoping more companies

will take this subtly animated approach instead of horrifying advertisements.

This concept machine, created by Sanden, Okaya Electronics, and Intel, uses a monstrous 65 inch transparent HD display that still lets shoppers see the actual products being sold. And instead of just playing full screen commercials with music blaring, a series of simple silhouetted animations and menus are used to entice shoppers to give up their pocket change.

But the futuristic vending machine isn't about improving the human experience, it's still about effectively selling crap. So it's also got a built-in camera that can identify the person using the machine as being male or female, young or old, providing advertisements and other animated content targeted towards their demographic. As long as it ensures there's always Coke in stock so I don't have to settle for a Sprite, they can bombard me with whatever they want. [DigInfo]



    So how long does that touchscreen last when some dipshit decides to bang on the glass when they get a hanger?

    Also, this is why we can't have nice things, Australia

      ^ this

        double this^

          ^Triple this.

          I've seen it all shattered yet desperately clinging on, gasping "don't bin me! Don't bin me! I'M A WORKING WINDOWWWWW!".

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