The Internet's Best 404 Error Pages

The internet isn't just a bunch of cables, wires, modems, computers, silicon, protocols, h-tee-tee-pees and h-tee-em-els. There are people behind it! People with personality. People who like to laugh. People who put up hilarious 404 error pages so whenever something goes wrong on the Internet, people will remember that they exist!

The regular 404 error pages are a snooze fest galore. Adding personality is always a good thing! Here are some of our favourite 404 error pages on the web, starting with Mint's.

You can find more hilarious 404 Error web pages at Hacker News, Quora and Fab 404.

Is it possible to love Lego more? [Lego]

We said it before, we'll say it again: Herman Cain's 404 page is actually clever. [Herman Cain]


Blue Fountain Media's 404 page let's you play Pac-Man! [Blue Fountain Media]


      I really wish that website had regularly updated content, I love strongbad.

    pacman win!

    *moss from IT Crowd moment* HAH! HTTP IS a protocol!

    Back to the future:

    Can a 404 error page be .... cute?

      OMG! the Leggo's Lovesong Error page is Adorable!

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