The Daily Show Investigates In-App Purchases: Too Easy For Kids To Run Up Bills?

A week or so ago, The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi took a biting look at so-called 'freemium' games — think iPhone/iPad apps aimed at kids that make it all too easy to inadvertently buy extra features. Watch the video after the jump. It raises some interesting points — and reminded me how close my young nephew came to upgrading 'Talking Tom Cat' before I grabbed my iPad from him.

Here the focus is on an app called Tapfish, who adamantly deny the implication that they're consciously out to exploit anyone. Check out the video and judge for yourself.

Definately yet another reason not to store your iTunes password. Still, it happens. Had any experience with other troublesome apps? Let us know in the comments. [NeoSeeker]

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