The CDC Doesn't Want Your Slutty Organs

Been boning more than two people this past year? Keep that to yourself! At least that's what the US centres for Disease Control and Prevention thinks about the organs of Americans should they intend to donate them.

The new proposed policy will ask donor candidates about their specific sexual history and discourage those with a rather, hem, active lifestyle from donating. The CDC believes those who've had more than two sexual partners in the last 12 months have higher risks of transmitting life-threatening infections like HIV, hepatitis B and C. With these personal questions, the CDC aims to be more transparent with patients though it is already putting off many potential donors. I mean, geez, way to be a bunch of prudes. Good sexual health does not necessarily correlate with numbers of sexual partners.

However, people who fall under this proposed skanky category aren't entirely banned from donating. If an extreme situation arises where that donor's organ can be life-saving, a more scrutinized testing will ensure the organ is good to go. That is, if you're still willing to donate to the place that morally judges your organ to begin with. [MSNBC]

Image: Shutterstock/CREATISTA

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