The Bose Lifestyle Family: A System For Everyone

The Bose Lifestyle Family: A System For Everyone

With the addition of the Lifestyle 135 Soundbar system to its lineup, Bose has developed a complete collection of home theatre setups for any type of room. Whether you’re renting or renovating, Bose has a high quality home theatre setup for you.

Bose has always offered premium audiovisual solutions for the home theatre, but before the release of the Lifestyle 135, there was always a segment of the market that couldn’t enjoy the Bose Lifestyle. The addition of a soundbar offering to the range means that Bose now offers a complete suite of home theatre products, from the single speaker solution to 2.1, 5.1 and speaker-only systems.

Bose Lifestyle 135

The Lifestyle 135 system is perfect for renters or anyone hoping for a richer home theatre experience with a minimum of effort. With a single visible speaker that wirelessly connects to an Acoustimass subwoofer, the Lifestyle 135 features a range of amazing technologies to deliver wide, immersive sound that fills a room. It features the groundbreaking FlexMount system that can adjust the sound output depending on whether the speaker is wall mounted or lying horizontally on your entertainment unit.

The Bose Lifestyle Family: A System For Everyone

Bose Lifestyle 235

For a superior stereo home theatre experience, Bose offers a range of 2.1 home theatre systems, led by the Lifestyle 235. With two Gemstone ES speakers, each with three drivers inside, the 235 system offers amazingly deep, immersive audio quality for the home. When coupled with Bose’s clever Unity integration system, the Lifestyle 235 is simple to setup and will change the way you think about 2.1 systems forever.

The Bose Lifestyle Family: A System For Everyone

The Lifestyle family of systems explodes in the 5.1 space, where Bose offers six different home theatre products for the discerning audio lover. Leading the charge are the high-end Lifestyle V series systems, including the V35 and V25, The V35 is a top of the line option, which offers premium Jewel Cube speakers and connectivity for up to six different high definition components, plus Bose’s intelligent Unify integration system and AdaptiQ easy setup.

Bose Lifestyle V25

Similarly, the Lifestyle V25 offers the same amazing connectivity and setup options as the V35, but offers the slightly larger, yet still impressively sounding, Direct/Reflecting speakers, all for a fraction of the cost.

The Bose Lifestyle Family: A System For Everyone

For a more affordable option, the Lifestyle T20 offers many of Bose’s high-end audio features, including the AdaptiQ and Unify setup system in a more affordable configuration, but without sacrificing quality.

And those with large DVD collections will love the Lifestyle 48, Lifestyle 48F and Lifestyle 18 systems, which all integrate a DVD player into the control console for an all-in-one solution. The 48 and 48F also offer a huge hard drive for storing your music collection, while upscaling all video content to 1080p over HDMI.

SL2 Wireless Surround Link

For those who want the benefits of a 5.1 system but are still cautious about running cables through the walls, Bose also has a range of intelligent accessories, including the SL2 Wireless Surround Link. Compatible with all Lifestyle systems, and all 5.1 Acoustimass speaker systems, the SL2 guarantees equivalent sound quality to a wired solution using a proprietary Bose wireless technology.

The Bose Lifestyle Family: A System For Everyone

Additionally, Bose offers a range of Lifestyle amplifiers and expansion kits, which allow you to link your system to another room, sharing high quality audio throughout the entire house yet controlling it through the central home theatre hub.

The truth is that Bose’s Lifestyle family has grown significantly in recent years, and now offers one of the most versatile and complete home theatre offerings on the market. If you want to know how you can enjoy a Bose Lifestyle system in your home, contact your local Bose stockist on 1800 023 367. [Bose Australia]