Your Most Popular Reviews Of 2011

A lot of gadgets come across our desks, but we try to review only the ones that matter the absolute most — good, bad, or buggy. Here's a rundown of some of the best reviews we wrote this year.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Aussie Review: Cutting Through The Hype

This is the phone that Android users (including myself) have been smugly namedropping into conversations. Even iPhone fanboys have been holding their breath for this one. We were drip-fed conflicting specs leaks, images, teaser videos and speculation for months, so it’s no wonder that we all started believing that the newest flagship Google phone was gonna be a gamechanger before it even became official. So does the Samsung Galaxy Nexus live up to the hype now it is fully on sale in Australia? Yes and no.

iPhone 4S: Gizmodo Australia’s Review

The iPhone 4S represents a challenge for Apple. It’s clearly a challenge the company has met to a certain extent; the sales figures for iPhone 4S have been exceptionally solid, to say the least. But that’s a matter for the share price; what’s it like as a phone?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

It’s finally here. After those legal battles with Apple in Australian courts, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet (follow-up to the Galaxy Tab 10.1v) has hit Aussie shops starting at around $579. It’s thinner and lighter than the iPad 2, and Samsung’s TouchWiz UX interface for Android 3.1 Honeycomb is bright and inviting. We also now know which Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories will be available in Australia. Let’s take a look.

iPad 2 Review

Here's the simple truth about the iPad 2: There is nothing else like it. Maybe it won't make you feel the way it makes me feel. Maybe it won't replace your laptop. Maybe it could be even thinner and lighter and faster. But there is nothing else like it.

HP TouchPad Review: Unbreak My Heart

I am so tired of the iPad. Which is why I was so excited for the TouchPad. And that's why I feel so completely crushed right now.

Kindle Fire Review: The iPad Finally Has Serious Competition

The Kindle Fire is stuck between eink minimalism and gleaming iPad decadence. That could either make it the goofy middle child in the tablet family, or a singular wunderkind. But the Fire will not be overlooked. Apple: Be afraid.

Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S: Fight To The Death!

You asked for it, so we did it. The iPhone 4S vs the Samsung Galaxy S II. Which phone reigns supreme?

HTC Sensation XL/XE: Giz Au Hands On

HTC’s Sensation XL is a huge phone. Both the XL and XE can be astonishingly loud phones. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Giz Au attended the launch of both phones last night for some hands-on time.

Asus Eee Pad Slider Review

Asus’ Eee Pad Slider combines a hardened glass display, slide out keyboard and productivity applications pre-loaded. It should be the ultimate productivity tablet, which for many users has been the holy grail of tablets. Sadly, pilgrims, you’re going to have to keep questing. Here’s why.

Why 23andMe Genetic Testing Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Remember last year when our brothers in the US offered a discount to Gizmodo readers for genetic testing service 23andMe? Yeah well I totally did it, and I kinda wish I hadn’t.

Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset Review: An Amazing Toy

I'm already living the Philip K Dick life. I've got the communicator, the tablet computer, the everywhere internet. All I need now is a deadly government conspiracy and an immersive 3D environment that lets me jack in and walk around.

Facebook Timeline Review: THe Best Thing Facebook's Done

In The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg describes his project as the entire uni social scene, put online. In a sense, he completely pulled it off. Now Real Zuck's lept beyond beer pong: your entire existence, Facebook-ified. It's terrifyingly amazing.

iCloud Review: Not Quite Magical (Yet)

Cloud is a magic tech word today. "i" has been a golden prefix in tech for over a decade. iCloud, the holiest union of the two, could be the future of computing. For now? It's super convenient! But that's it.

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