That Space Ball In Namibia Is Not An Alien Object

Those people on TV are all excited about that "mysterious ball" that has been discovered in Namibia. It fell from space! It's metallic! We are clueless! We don't know how to use Google! It must be ALIENS! The explanation is easy.

It's just space trash.

The ball, weighing over 6kg and with a circumference of 110cm, is just a pressure vessel, a deposit used in rockets and all those things that humans send to orbit. Probably one of these metal-lined composite-overwrapped pressure vessels.

Many of these have fallen from space through the years, so no news here. Nothing to see. Drive thru. [The Namibian via Universe Today]

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    Aww man... just ruin our fun.

    What i would have done is paint it with weird symbols and then sit back and watch the whole world go nuts.

    Come on... its prime material to troll the whole world, or at least just the gullible ones like TV networks.

    na... burn into the surface the weird symbols then it really looks alien.

    They had one in the crocodile hunter movie.
    It got eaten by a crocodile.

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