Telstra Planning Online Game Subscription Service

Bummed that OnLive isn't really on or live in Australia? Apparently, your depression is soon to come to an end, with Mitchell Bingemann at Australian IT reporting that Telstra is working towards launching a similar video game subscription service next year.

According to the Oz, Telstra has been in negotiations with game studios like Electronic Arts to offer their latest release titles as a subscription service, with customers paying a set fee each month to play a library of titles, without the need for a console.

The service will essentially be run as a cloud computing offering, a service that allows consumers and businesses to access services such as processing power or memory capacity through a secure internet link, thereby bypassing the need to provide their own infrastructure, such as servers or game consoles like Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3.

The Big T is currently upgrading its network to be able to offer the service - apparently it's not quite up to scratch for the demands of cloud based gaming - and will most likely end up being played through the T-Box, alongside the all you can eat video subscription service the Telco has planned.

It's still a while away, but if this story proves to be true, it could be a huge push forward towards a console-less gaming experience.

[The Australian (paywalled)]

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    I do like my t-box, however, it does struggle, as it is, to even do 2 things at once, let alone streaming/playing games on it!

      With the sorts of ultra cheap, high power computing components easily available and abundant today that's rather shocking. Telstra must be supplying cheap crappy, long out of date, bargain basement crap that had knocked up one afternoon in China.

    can anyone say MEGA LAG BOX?

      there is a new T-Box coming early next year, probably to handle the gaming service

    lol bahahah has anyone ever heard of a computer with regular internet?? like seriously guys, and that way your not locked in to telstra and their rediculous pricings!

      Telstra's pricing is much better - just have a look. Also they have a much better network....

      I don't trust the opinions or comments of anyone who can't spell ridiculous.

    There is no way majority of Australian's would have the bandwidth for this.
    To make this work, we would need the NBN.
    (Assuming a HD broadcast)

    2 words - product research.
    This could be somewhat awesome if they do this properly.

    yeah thanks but no thanks i already own a console and a PC why would i need a service that provides me with gaming and also singleplayer that doesnt require a constant connection. good concept though once the NBN is in place.

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