Stanley Kubrick's Incredible Early Photography

Stanley Kubrick made some really weird movies. If you want a little peak at his mental formation, the 10,000 photos he took as a teenager will probably only confuse you more — in a good way.

If you're not curious about what went on in Stanley Kubrick's brain, you don't have a heartbeat. At some point about halfway through 2001: A Space Odyssey here's what everyone should be thinking: "WTF Stanley Kubrick? There's no more dialogue in this movie? I hate you." No one thinks that because the film is a complete transfixing masterpiece. Kubrick has about 10 movies that good, and each is completely different from the rest.

So Kubrick wasn't a lightweight, but he worked for his chops — just check out the lot of prints from his teenage years that are up for sale at VandM. The photos were taken in the 1940s in New York City, where Kubrick wandered the streets firing off shots at everything he could find. Stanley Kubrick didn't need rolling film to tell a story. He could capture a story's essence in a single frame. Even as a youth, Kubrick had already developed an incredible eye for moving content and cinematic aesthetics.

These photos aren't just a document about a period in Kubrick's life — they're a document about New York City. [VandM via Flavorwire]

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