What's Taking Instagram So Long To Hit Android?

Instagram. It's one of the iPhone's most popular apps -- 50 million users just a year after launch -- probably our favourite social network, and the envy of Android users worldwide. However, at the Paris LeWeb conference today, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced -- again -- that a team is working to port the app to Android OS. Promises, promises.

The announcement was a followup to last year's very similar announcement that Instagram was getting into the Android game. But the fact that 12 months later they haven't progressed so far as to give a timetable isn't promising. C'mon Instagram, my phone photos aren't going hipsterise themselves -- let's get a move on! [Geeksugar]


    Nobody on Android cares about it, because they have infinitely better options available already.

    I would like to see better photography apps for android instead of the many novelty apps but meh couldnt care less for instagram everyone uses the same 70s style filters

    I heard a rumour that instagram receives a better % cut from the Apple App Store if they don't make an app for android? Any truth to that?

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