Shooting Challenge: 9 Shots Of Your Life

According to these nine reader-submitted photos, the meaning of life is pets, spiders and mates. How very Australian. Check out all of the entries for this week's shooting challenge.

Travis Parry

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Rokinon Fisheye from eBay, Canon 550D from JB Hi-Fi before the US dollar dived (insert sad face) : ( , Adobe Lightroom B&W filter, and one golden retriever in front of an IKEA light.

Mikey Yeung

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5DMKII, 50mm f1.4, 1/400, ISO100. The subject is three generations of my family, starting with the baby girl in the middle, left is her father and right is his father. I hope you like this shot. I can't tell if it's just nepotistic bias that draws me to it.

Judith Kula

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Meet Pearl! The ever so sophisticated Queen of the house — she often looks at the world from beneath her nose knowing her majestic stance cannot be underestimated. Here Pearl is relaxing on the very large couch she refuses to share with her canine companions.

Equipment used: - Canon EOS 1000D - Lens: Canon 50mm f1.8

Richard Barlow

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This time of year on sunny mornings around about 7am the light into my garden illuminates perfectly the spiders on their webs with georgeous back-lighting. Ten minutes later and the sun has risen beyond a gap in the trees and the moment is gone.

Canon EOS60D with EFS 60mm Macro Lens, manually focused, camera on monopod for stability, 1/200th sec. ISO-100.

Amy George

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Camera: Nikon d90 The ISO, aperture etc wasnt on any particular setting. I just used macro and took it as it was.

The story behind this was me trying to capture at least five photos each week to build up my love for photography. It turned out unexpectedly good, as I said above I didnt plan on any settings or actually capturing the space of the spider, but I guess in LIFE that's how things are brought upon us... most of the time.

Heath Marshall

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This is my pup Pico at the beach last Tuesday afternoon. Taken using a Sony DSC-HX5V. Enjoy...

Paul Liddle

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I just bought a 5D and have been waiting to enter these shooting challenges, so today I went to my friend Luke's place, waltzed in the front door of the half renovated old shack and into his room. This is the first photo I took.

It was the only room with natural light and the only photo that didn't appear staged. He's the most fashionable hobo I know.

I'm pretty sure it was at F5.6 and 1/800.

Pete Aitchison

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HTC Desire Mobile Phone Vignette app Buckets of messing around in Lightroom 3 achieving little.

I was looking for something that highlights my life. Unfortunately this is what mine looks like much of the time. On the way to work — as in this one — and at work. I work in a truck. I attempted to give it a feel that didn't look natural because my head is anywhere but here when I'm stuck in traffic. The heady fog of early morning and day dreaming about lotto, hunting, taking photos, the missus, the Xbox, and what the day might have in store for me, while the traffic creeps in and out of my consciousness.

This is my life, for about 65 hours a week.

Sangeetha Selvananthan

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This was taken at Mt Coot-Tha, Brisbane. Standing at one of the lookouts, I remembered the description of this challenge — LIFE, is everywhere. The view I saw of life, the cars on the roads, the City-Cat in the River, the birds that flew past... everything, everything was just full of LIFE...

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