Shooting Challenge: 8 Shots Of Bubbles

My favourite character in Finding Nemo was Bubbles, so that's what I would have included in this week's photo challenge. Fortunately, eight readers are more creative than I am, as evidenced by the results of this week's shooting challenge.

Andrey Korenkov

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D3100 18-55 kit lens. I tripped over walking down Third St Promenade in Santa Monica, CA when I picked myself off the ground had a eureka moment. Or something like that =)

Linda Donohue

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I just love this bubble. The reflection shows my 2 daughters, 1 blowing bubbles and the other standing next to me while I am taking this actual photo. Also reflected in this bubble is my house, pool and backyard....

Photo Details: Canon EOS 500D exp time 1/160 sec ISO 1000 Focal length 154mm

Zac Lovett

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Taken with a Nikon D90 in Lennox Head in Northern NSW at a teatree lake.

Will Nixon

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My 2 and half year old daughter is fascinated with bubbles. It is almost a nightly routine that she, mum and I go outside and play with bubbles and being little miss independent she has to make them herself. I’ve got lots of nice photos of her and bubble’s so it was a hard task for me to get something that looked good but I wanted something that looked great in black and white for this challenge.

Nikon D5100 – AF-S 18-55mm f/4 Exposure 1/2000 ISO-200


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Taken with IPhone 4. The numerous bubbles formed on the sides of the foam cup, filled with a Lemon and Ginger Beer mix drink... Shutter : 1/269 Aperture : f/2.8 ISO : 80

Luke Taylor

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Thought it might be fun to include a little Christmas this time round since we are not far away from the day. Had fun trying to get the right angle and trying to wrestle the camera to get a good shot in doors at night. I love this season and love lights and love a certain beverage :D

Nick Rees

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Taken with a Nikon D90, 1/125 shutter speed,aperture at 5.6, ISO 800. This week was really difficult, thought it would be easy but is very challenging to focus on a moving object. I love this photo because you can see my reflection and also upside down.

Emmeline Coffin

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Taken with a Nikon D90. 1/200 shutter speed,aperture 5.6 and ISO 800.This weeks challenge was bubbles and a challenge it was! I wanted to catch the gorgeous colours they create while also giving off the reflection of my surroundings. Is taken in my shed and I just love the reflection of the door on the left of the picture.

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