Sharp Sensor Will Unblur Shaky Smartphone Shots

Sharp's boasting that their new 12.1MP sensor module is the world's thinnest, allowing it to squeeze completely unnoticed into newer, svelter smartphones. What users will notice is its built-in optical stabilisation, reducing the amount of blur in their photos.

The module measures in at just 5.47mm thick, but Sharp has still managed to include a mechanical lens-shift stabilisation system in the CMOS camera module, countering most of the handheld shake that usually leads to blurry photos. The sensor is also capable of recording full 1080p HD video with the stabilisation running, resulting in sharper footage, particularly when filmed in low light conditions.

The module is expected to go into volume production starting in early January with a per unit price of about $US155. But since I'm assuming you have to be buying them in the hundreds of thousands for Sharp to accept your business, there will probably be a volume pricing discount. [Sharp via Fareastgizmos]

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