Seven Toys (And Outfits) For Geeky Boys (And Girls)

Seven Toys (And Outfits) For Geeky Boys (And Girls)

Christmas is a time for releasing your inner child to frolic in the wonders of rampant consumerism. What fun! Here are seven geeky toy gifts for you to enjoy over the holiday season.[imgclear]

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

Price: $135
There are so many awesome retro games on the iPad, it makes sense to play them on a miniature virtual arcade cabinet. With eight buttons and an analog control stick, it’s guaranteed to let you relive all those hours wasted at Timezone. [Buy Mac][imgclear]

iKon RC

Price: $135
Remote controlled cars have always been a popular boy’s toy, but they’ve always needed a bulky controller that tends to run out of batteries and takes up heaps of room. The iKon RC car lets you control it with your iPhone, making it fun and convenient. Win. [Buy Mac][imgclear]

Star Wars Jedi Dressing Gown

Price: $100
You probably spend large parts of your day wandering around the house saying “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine” anyway. So why not look the part with this Official Jedi bath robe? [Latestbuy][imgclear]

iLaunch Thunder

Price: $130
Office warfare has always been a high-tech sport, but now it’s moved to the smartphone. the iLaunch Thunder lets you rain hell down on your inter-office enemies using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. [MacCentre]

Magic Wand TV Remote

Price:: $US80
The Harry Potter movies may be done and dusted now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to don the invisibility cloak and shout “Crucio” at the TV every time an ad for My Kitchen Rules comes on. This wand-shaped remote will let you even change the channel while you do it… [ThinkGeek]

Electronic Guitar T-Shirt

Price: $60
If you’re the kind of person who likes to think they’re pretty good at playing the guitar, you’ll want this shirt to show off your skills. It lets you play all the major chords by pressing buttons on the neck, while strumming with a magnetic pick. Rock on, dude. [Latestbuy]

Potty Putter

Price: $25
You know what’s disgusting? Using a smartphone on the crapper. Less so? Practicing your golf putts while you butt putt. The potty putter green sits around the base of your toilet, letting you putt the ball while you do number twos. Just make sure you wipe down your putter when you’re done… [Latestbuy]