Scientists Are About To Find The Force

If confirmed next week, this will be the biggest news in the history of physics since the birth of the Theory of Relativity: CERN scientists may have already found evidence of the existence of the elusive Higgs boson. THE FORCE, dudes:

A respected scientist from the Cern particle physics laboratory has told the BBC he expects to see "the first glimpse" of the Higgs boson next week.

That's next Tuesday, when two Large Hadron Collider teams would reveal the results of their research, highlighting 10 candidates that show evidence of Higgs. Those 10 candidates were found from the remains of about 350 trillion collisions using the ATLAS and CMS detectors.

What's the Higgs boson?

According to most physicists, there's a Higgs field that is everywhere. The elusive Higgs particle would be the carrier of that field, interacting with all the other particles, "sort of the way a Jedi knight in Star Wars is the carrier of the "force", as National Geographic eloquently put it when the Large Hadron Collider was being built.

Why is it important?

The Higgs boson is a pivotal part of the standard model of particle physics but nobody has ever found evidence of its existence. It's one of the main reasons of why the Large Hadron Collider was built. Other than time travel and opening portals to alternate dimensions, that is.

The discovery of this particle is fundamental for our understanding of how the Universe works. So important that — according to the former theoretical physics lead at CERN, John Ellis — "we've been living with Higgs theory now for almost 50 years... it's become our Holy Grail." Ellis said the excitement among all scientist at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. That may not sound impressive, given that Switzerland is the most boring country on Earth after Belgium, but if they call it God's Particle, you know it has to be important.

When would we get a photo of God's particle?

Not yet. Tuesday's data will not be confirmed until they are able to produce repeated evidence in future experiments. Scientists expect this to happen sometime around mid 2012.

As Sergio Bertolucci — director of research at CERN — puts it: "It's too early to say… I think we may get indications that are not consistent with its non-existence [but] we are on a good path to the discovery."

So, what happens when they finally spot God's particle? Obviously, the the destruction of all the Universe. But before that, all those physicists will throw a huge party and get pissed. [BBC News]

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    *Points* i found wally

      Wally has nothing on Higgs!

      Amateurs :p

    Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

      You actually made me LOL

      +1 Brilliant.

      No Boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow.

    Experiment results = next week.

    Confirmed results = next year.


      There's only like 3 weeks left of the year, so it's all good!

    But what will this mean for tech and all that??

    Matter Transporters, Warp Drive Engines, Antimatter/Matter Fuel Systems?

    Or just more textbooks for university students?

      "The Higgs boson is a pivotal part of the standard model of particle physics but nobody has ever found evidence of its existence. "

      So if they find its existence, it'll just show that the model they've been using is more likely to be the correct one?

      From wikipedia (

      The Standard Model does not predict the mass of the Higgs boson. If that mass is between 115 and 180 GeV/c2, then the Standard Model can be valid at energy scales all the way up to the Planck scale (1016 TeV). Many theorists expect new physics beyond the Standard Model to emerge at the TeV-scale, based on unsatisfactory properties of the Standard Model. The highest possible mass scale allowed for the Higgs boson (or some other electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism) is 1.4 TeV; beyond this point, the Standard Model becomes inconsistent without such a mechanism, because unitarity is violated in certain scattering processes. There are over a hundred theoretical Higgs-mass predictions.[17]

      Extensions to the Standard Model including supersymmetry (SUSY) predict the existence of families of Higgs bosons, rather than the one Higgs particle of the Standard Model. Among the SUSY models, in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) the Higgs mechanism yields the smallest number of Higgs bosons: there are two Higgs doublets, leading to the existence of a quintet of scalar particles, two CP-even neutral Higgs bosons h and H, a CP-odd neutral Higgs boson A, and two charged Higgs particles H±. Many supersymmetric models predict that the lightest Higgs boson will have a mass only slightly above the current experimental limits, at around 120 GeV/c2 or less.
      Looks like a case for more research funding.

        So we might be able to build smaller CPUs and components?

          Why would u need computers when you can bend around the universe?

    Ok, so they've found it.

    Do they need to shut down the collider now? MIssion complete!

      they havent found anything yet, did you not read the article?

    Large Hadron Collider...greatest scientific name ever.

    you mean they're gonna find midichlorians?


      *uses lightsabre force-throw at olearymo*

    I was just at CERN today, playing the 'Find the Higgs Boson' game in the ATLAS visitor centre... didn't think my input would be so useful!

    Belgium is amazing.

    Not God's particle. This assumes a God to do the possessing.
    It's more than just semantics. Think on it.

    I'm with you - great point.

    Switzerland the most boring country after Belgium? Really? As an Aussie who has been to Switzerland a few times I call complete bollocks. Ever had a night out in Zurich, its a wicked place. I'll take Zurich over Perth any day thanks

      True enuff, but then Perth is THE most boring, so not much needed to be better really.
      Oh, and you do know Perth's not in Belgium right? :P JK

    They changed Wally for Yoda in the picture...

    To continue getting funding till 2020, they had no choice but to release some 'indicative' data. Now the challenge for my research is to show practically the real gravitational mechanism not only in action but to find a practical application for my discovery.

    ... Belgium has tomorrowland.

    Can I pre-order my zero point energy field manipulator yet? :D

    There are people working on production ideas that could benefit if they can prove the existence of the Higgs particle and the the standard model. Funding would become more readily available to those people that wasn't previously available because their ideas were based on unproven theories. Give it time and the technology will soon benefit.

    Did someone find my particle?!? Smashing result!

    I don't understand how you can be on the verge of "finding something" and know it.

    That's like me saying i've nearly found my keys, or i'm about to find my wallet lying where i left it.

    Maybe there's too much ambition in the status, and too little reality.

      Perhaps, scientists may be on the verge? They aren't necessarily ON the verge.

        The only other alternative to this of course is the actual discovery - which would've already happened.

          They have results which look promising, now they have to verify them. Just like when they thought they'd made a particle break lightspeed.

    They know they are on the verge because their future selves came back in time to tell them.

      +1 hahaha this has made my day

    I'm sure all the poor and destitute people of the world are shaking with anticipation. Just kidding, It's their bodies desperately trying to maintain homeostasis.

    I would like to comment on the probability of a scientific discovery tuesday.

    Scientists measure their experiments by a term called sigma.

    There is no scientific discovery about a sigma 2.5 or 3.00 as probably will be the case on tuesday. Maybe even lower.

    If Newton were sitting under his appletree and made 100 observations, and in one instance the apple didn't hit him in the head, it is a sigma 2.5. A sigma 5.o is EVERY time that the apple falls down, and that includes doing it a million times and more.

    THAT is a scientific discovery.

    At sigma 3 the apple fals wrong one out of every 370 times you do the experiment. That is not a scientific discovery either.

    My prediction is that the Higgs particle never will reach close to a sigma 5.

    Behind the prediction there is a theory, if you are interested.

    Google crestroyer theory and find it or visit directly at

      but a "sigma 3 or 2.5" wouldn't suddenly disprove it, though would it?

    What if they don't find anything?
    Just because it is an excepted theory that seems to fit doesn't necessarily make it true.
    They could just as easily disprove the it which is highly likely..

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