Samsung Making Giant Retina Screen Galaxy Tab?

So this one landed on our desk with a big ol' thud of a HUH? BGR is reporting that, according to a trusted source, Samsung is making an 11.6-inch, 2560x1600 resolution Galaxy Tab that will be announced next February. You're going to need a bigger... actually, just use that humongous tablet as the boat.

The other rumoured specs are a 2GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 CPU, a 16:10 ratio and apparently it won't be thaaat much huger, since a lot of the screen new real estate will come from a smaller bezel.

Samsung had previously said that its "retina" panel would be ready by around mid 2012, so this would be pretty well within that timeframe if it's released a few months after the rumoured February announcement, or maybe a little bit early if not. Or it could just be Samsung calling dibs on distribution to third parties. Or, you know, not actually true at all.

We'll know soon enough, I guess, but it would be good if tablets didn't fall down the ANDROID MUST BE HUMONGOOOOUS rabbit hole, since I really don't want to buy a new backpack to fit the HTC Titan's big fat baby brother. [BGR]

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