Samsung Making Giant Retina Screen Galaxy Tab?

So this one landed on our desk with a big ol' thud of a HUH? BGR is reporting that, according to a trusted source, Samsung is making an 11.6-inch, 2560x1600 resolution Galaxy Tab that will be announced next February. You're going to need a bigger... actually, just use that humongous tablet as the boat.

The other rumoured specs are a 2GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 CPU, a 16:10 ratio and apparently it won't be thaaat much huger, since a lot of the screen new real estate will come from a smaller bezel.

Samsung had previously said that its "retina" panel would be ready by around mid 2012, so this would be pretty well within that timeframe if it's released a few months after the rumoured February announcement, or maybe a little bit early if not. Or it could just be Samsung calling dibs on distribution to third parties. Or, you know, not actually true at all.

We'll know soon enough, I guess, but it would be good if tablets didn't fall down the ANDROID MUST BE HUMONGOOOOUS rabbit hole, since I really don't want to buy a new backpack to fit the HTC Titan's big fat baby brother. [BGR]



    Finally a tablet with a decent size screen.
    I think this will finally be what I need to leave my laptop at the office when I go out.

    It's only barely retina quality at 301.8 PPI and since you can't have a fraction of a pixel it would have to be 301 PPI, a "retina display" needs to have 300 pixels per square inch (PPI) because the human eye can only see around 300 pixels per inch.

    Still.. it meets the requirements of being retina quality... the iPhone 4, from what I know is around 325 PPI..

      The human eye can't tell the difference. That is a myth based on an old generally agreed PRINTing standard. Like a lot of things in tech, there is always the mysterious, yet vital ingredient- bullshit marketing.
      Nature doesn't work on round numbers. It'd be a bit of a massive coincidence if it did, especially in this particular case, wouldn't it? ;)

      Higher screen res does indeed improve quality, but there are absolutely NO magic numbers and this is really just another front in the stats war.

        >> this is really just another front in the stats war.

        What did we do before Apple decided to make a big deal about screen resolution? We judged whether a screen was clear and usable on its merits.

        What did we do before Apple decided to make a big deal about the f-number of its phone's camera? We compared sample shots from actual production devices.

        Marketing jibber-jabber has its place - at its most useful it can inform a customer as to the origin and capabilities of a product. I might prefer to buy Australian; or maybe I need both HDMI and component outputs in my BRD player. But there comes a point where it's all just pointless wankery.

        I get as frustrated as the next person by Apple's buzzword marketing and very bad habit of scarily anticompetitive behaviour (like the samsung lawsuits). They act like a spoilt brat much of the time, boasting of their supreme awesomeness, then having a tantrum when someone points out a flaw or enters 'their' territory. But:

        Of course nature doesn't work on round numbers, but surely those round numbers were picked as the closest ones to the natural figures while being easy to work with?

        Well in fairness screen resolution has been a key spec since HD came on the scene, which seems like a lifetime ago now.
        What did we do before broadband - well we were just stuck with diallup. Why not just continue using a 15" monitor, or stick with a Pentium 4? Yeah before advancements are made people just continue with their lives, but it doesn't mean improvements aren't worthwhile?!

        The main point is that the focus of Apple's marketing is on how it makes a difference to the user - they focused on the fact you couldn't make out freaking pixels!!! Unheard of in the consumer space before. And anyone who's seen an iPhone 4+ screen can't deny the 'merits' of quality difference!

        Hey, they bug me too. But you can't deny the quality of many of their products. Retina was a smart move, shown by the fact that people are anticipating it in the tablet space before it's been offically announced by anyone

    I think with the Legal battles being won (and lost) against Apple around the globe, Samsung is going for the win.

    The shear number of Samsung made products coming out is constantly pushing the boundaries and advancing innovation.

    Apple will soon be found wanting, and will certainly find it hard to compete because the likes of Samsung have their number. Aside from Apple's patents, Apple is limited to finding its own suppliers, where as Samsung is both its own creator & parts supplier/fabricator :-)

    Hold on to your hats peoples, the next 3-5 years is going to be very very interesting!

    isn't that like the Apple rumour, with Samsung's details chucked in?

    Tip for Samsung: Don't use the word retina, Apple won't like it.

    Great. So now you'll be able to buy a 1600p tablet, but notebooks are, sor some reason, limited to 1080p. And this is progress?
    Please, let's at least get 1200p or better displays back in notebooks before bothering about tablet?

      You raise a good point about the crawl pace advancement of notebook screen res.
      On the other hand a tablet is a handheld device. A 'low' pixel density is always going to be more noticable on something you hold maybe 6-12 inches from your face. As opposed to notebooks which, let's be honest, get used mostly on a desk or the lap and would be at least twice to three times that distance away.

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