Samsung Flexible OLED Concept Video Shows How Kids Will Waste Time In The Future

Pretty much every major electronics company is dreaming of a time when they can mass produce flexible, versatile OLED screens. And as this concept video from Samsung shows, the technology is going to blow the iPad out of the water.

Naturally, emphasis should be placed on the "concept" nature of this video. While it's almost undoubted that a time will come that flexible OLED screens exist, there's no way of knowing whether they'll be able to act as our phones, cameras and tablets all in one device without flexible processors and memory. According to OLED-info, Samsung has committed to launching a curved OLED screen next year, but it will be years before we see a flexible one.

Still, it's a cool video that helps keep us all excited for the future.

[via OLED-Info]

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