Rumour: Galaxy S III In February With 3D Screen

Definitely a rumour, but at least a plausible one. Korean tech site ETNews suggests that Samsung will unveil the GS3 at Barcelona Mobile World Congress in late February -- almost exactly a year after the GS2.

Image: Conceptual mock-up from a Russian fan that did the rounds earlier this week. Fake!

The site claims the Galaxy S III will have a 3D camera and screen, plus a quad-core processor. Previously faked specs included a 1.8GHz dual-core processor, 12Mp camera, 2GB RAM and a 4.6-inch AMOLED plus HD screen. No doubt the real thing will ultimately run Ice Cream Sandwich.

The 3D thing is interesting though. 3D content is a problem for 3DTVs, and as big player in televisions (many of which now have 3D), Samsung may hope to create a halo effect by including it the successor to what Gizmodo readers have labelled the best phone of 2011. Of course, the Galaxy Nexus (review) ended up arriving in Australia a week later.

How do you think the GS3 will stack up against the Nexus?

[ETNews (translated) via Phandroid]



    3D........The best way to wreck a phone.

    Unless they can magically boost the battery life, it'll be horrible :(

      Yeah, I certainly hope that it isn't 3d, I want a true successor to the Galaxy S II, not some gimmick.

      I hate 3d, everyone I know hates 3d (okay not quite, but I don't know anyone who wants to do more in 3d than watch the odd movie or play the odd game).

    Plz let it have a mini/micro SD card slot so we can put what ever sized card we want in it.

    3D is the future get used to it.

      What about the % of the world (12% last time i read) that cant view 3d. I dont see it being the "future" till there is a way to make everyone's vision perfect.

        and what about those that can see it but it makes them feel ill, or gives them a headache, gotta be at least on 20% by now.

        3d is awful, it looks nowhere near as good as 2d, though I do still want them to do more r&d on it.

      You mean like at the cinemas? Everyone I know avoids the 3D release and sees the standard 2D release out of preference.

    How about calling it the Galaxy 3D S?

      better not or there will be another court case this time with nintendo

    No doubt, the best feature of 3d will be the option to turn it off.

    Not more 3D crap!
    3D is a complete and utter waste of time. It just adds unnecssarily to the price of the device.
    I'd rather have a Galaxy S III with LTE.

      ^ this or the s2 hd lte.

    I don't care about the specs honestly. I care that it runs as smoothly as the iPhone. I don't like apple, but their products work well. The galaxy s ii is almost as smooth as the iphone, so I hope the s 3 is as smooth as or faster. I also hope touchwiz doesn't kill the ics experience.

    have been holding out for this, GS2 is a very tempting upgrade from my iphone 3G for free on the $29 cap but dont want to be stuck on a 2 year contract with an old phone.

    TOO FAST! The Galaxy Nexus just came out, we need a breather :(

      Except for those of us who didn't/won't get a Galaxy Nexus because other than its screen res is not as good as a SGS2.

      And we want micro sd slots dammit :P

    Announcing in Feb might be ok and release in June/July but still to soon, I know yearly releases are a common thing now, but a lot of people are on 24 month contracts, personally I think new phone releases of succeeding models should be 18 months apart as a lot of service providers let people out of contracts 3 months early or so if they are upgrading.

      Or you could buy the phone oyurself.

    Samsung are going to have to wait for apple to release the iphone 5, how else are they going to know what design to use for the galaxy 3

      I'm going to take a massive leap and say that the iPhone 5 is going to be a black rectangle.

        My massive leap is that there wont be an iPhone 5, just an iPhone 4S.02a or an iPhone Galaxy S 6.

    I'm very happy with it because the galaxy S2 is very fast & smooth, you can update it on the phone & GPS is fast & smooth & the best is with the voice for. There is also a wide variety of apps to choose from and most of them are free

    While I think that current 3D technology is limited and clunky as best, if we want our holodecks in the future, we need the 3D development now.

    I'm excited about this technology growing.

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