RIM Top Exec Suspect In Blackberry Riot

Not only do they keep screwing their technology and products, but RIM executives seem determined to burn the company down. Last week, two execs got so drunk and crazy that a China-bound plane had to return to Canada.

Now, RIM Indonesia president director Andrew Cobham has been charged with negligence after a BlackBerry promotional event turned into a riot that left 40 people injured and 20 unconscious. Here's what happened: RIM announced they were going to sell 1000 BlackBerry Bold 9790s at half the price at Pacific Place mall, in Jakarta. When 5000 people turned up, things went mad.

Apparently, the organisers tried to give bracelets to the first 1000 people, but at one point everyone got mad and ran towards the store. At that point, people started to fall and get crushed by the angry mob.

The Indonesian authorities are accusing Cobham and other organisers of negligence, banning them from leaving the country until things are cleared.

Seriously, RIM execs, would you just keep it quiet while your CEO comedic duo Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis destroy the company on their own? They just don't need your help. They are doing that perfectly well. [AFP]



    You don't know how it's like in Indonesia. I live in Jakarta and it didn't go down the way you describe. First, there is an inherent disrespect for lining up in Indonesia. People just jump the queue everywhere every time. Second, whenever there is something free (like charity during Ramadan) or heavily discounted, there is always chaos. Thirdly, some people lined up since the day before, and when the time of launch came down, everyone rushed trying to jump the people that had lined up overnight.

    How is this different from a new iphone launch in the US? The mentality that is.

    How is it the fault of the CEO when 5,000 people try to rush your store? I would turn to the Pacific Mall management to allow 5,000 people to gather up in front of the store.

      "How is this different from a new iphone launch in the US?"

      Well.. just off the top of my head, the iPhone launch people don't cause a stampede that injures 40 people. A closer comparison would be between this and the Black Friday sales in the US where people will riot and fight for cheap goods, but those sales have no lines. It's distinctly marketed as 'door buster" sale.

        Well, if you actually read my comment you'd notice that I said "How is this different from a new iphone launch in the US? The mentality that is." Which essentially means that the difference between US shoppers and Indonesian shoppers lining up for the launch of a highly anticipated new phone is the mentality. As described in the rest of my comment, Indonesian masses tend to get out of control in such situation.
        The organisers didn't do anything different in Jakarta than they would have in the US, it's the crowd that's crazy.

    The buzz RIM want to create by people queueing up is nice to replicate apple, but its indonesia dude, where the word "queue" simply didn't exist, oh and a second note, the price of the new BB comes about to 200 australian dollars, so no wonder people would rush it

    Another useless article from Jesus Diaz. well done.

    Queue in Indonesia.. no such a thing to start with, and chaos is just everywhere. it's quite well-known.

    I'm pretty sure in USA.. if it was put in the same position, there'll be a huge chaos as well.. imagine iPhone 5, for the first 1,000 people will get 50% off. i wonder how many will get stampede and possibly dead. it doesn't matter what product, when there's a huge bargain, people would rush out to get them.

    just so happened to be in Indonesia it's a blackberry country. deal with it.

      How about the Galaxy S II promotion in Sydney where they were selling them at $2 a pop to a handful of people per day? No-one pushed in line despite higher incentive to do so.

      I think this just boils down to Western CEOs grossly misjudging the local customs with their launches.

        Samsung did similar event for Galaxy Tab 10.1 and SGS II, nobody was harmed during their event

        its just Blackberry not doing enough preparation in this case

    Sounds no different to those Black Friday sales in the US.

      I don't see why a CEO should be concerned by such detailed operational matters and held responsible.

    And yet nobody seems concerned by the disgusting greed shown by these people

      with the GDP of indonesia which far below US of A, you actually should ask why american people pretty much acted like third world country during black friday? Hahaha

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