Qantas Finally Trialling WiFi On International Flights

It seems like years since airlines first started trialling in-flight Wi-Fi around the world. And yet it's only now that Qantas has committed to joining the online airline crew with the announcement it will trial in-flight WiFi between Sydney, Melbourne and LA on the A380 from February next year.

The trial is going to be for business and first class passengers only, and will last six weeks. It will eventually be opened to all passengers for an as-yet undisclosed sum of money.

There's no commitment to continue the service after the trial from Qantas, so if you do happen to be travelling on an A380 during the trial period, make the most of it by logging on and emailing Qantas about how spectacular the service is. Maybe then they'll roll it out across the fleet...

[AusBT via EFTM]

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