Planet SpaceBall Preparing To Invade Namibia?

In a remote Namibian village last month, a large metallic ball fell from the sky, baffling authorities. While they've asked NASA and the ESA for help identifying the ball, the answer is painfully obvious - Planet Spaceball is sending Mega Maid to suck out all of Earth's air...

The ball, which measures 35cm in diameter and left a hole 33cm deep and 3.8 metres wide, fell about 750km north of the Namibian capital in the middle of November. Tests show that it is made of a metallic alloy known to man, weighs about six kilos, is hollow, and appears to have been welded together.

If you've got your hopes up that this actually is an alien probe, prepare to be disappointed. While neither NASA or the ESA has commented yet, it's most likely just some space junk off a satellite.

But if it is the precursor to a Spaceball invasion, let me the first to say, "Hail President Skroob!"


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