Our Smartphones Are Killing Us! Run For The Hills!

It seems that we of the geeky persuasion are doomed. Doomed, I say! If it's not radiation us cancer (or not giving us... Whatever...), it seems that our smartphones are now debilitating us thanks to their convenience and small screens. A report on Stuff.co.nz tells us that our mobile devices are causing "high tech blues" as we use them more and more.

In particular, our fingers and shoulders are suffering, with doctors in the UK giving conditions awesome names like "text neck" and "text thumb injury" from repetitive use of mobile devices. One person quoted laments that the human body "is not designed to be used like this".

So, is it time to panic? Or should we, the geeks of the world, simply exercise caution while using our mobile devices? Or is it all just a media beatup? Personally, I'm opting for options B and C, with maybe a touch of A thrown in for fun...


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