NFC To Make Bluetooth Pairing Simpler

That four digit pincode when pairing gadgets via Bluetooth? According to the NFC Group, it's an unnecessary boundary in intergadget communications that NFC could fix! That's right, NFC is not just about mobile payments anymore!

According to a post on the NFC Forum has outlined the process of secure Bluetooth pairing using NFC in an application document. The process reportedly has three main potential uses: Selecting a Bluetooth dveice, connecting to a Bluetoth device and starting an application on a Bluetooth device.

The document is heavy on developer speak, so if you're not an engineer or manufacturer, it's probably not worth reading in detail. But the general gist of it is that you can simply put two NFC Bluetooth devices together - they will find each other, negating the need to sort through a list of Bluetooth gadgets. You can pair them by simply pressing a single button, rather than entering a four digit code, and you can potentially share information - like a contact, for example - using Bluetooth between two NFC enabled devices placed next to eachother, without needing to go through the trouble of pairing.

It's an interesting idea, and given the upcoming rise of NFC, sure to be a practical one too.

[NFC Forum (PDF) via SlashGear]

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