Mud Map Is The Navigation App For 4WDers

If you're planning on taking an off road holiday over the summer break, you might want to consider getting a navigation app to help you find and share your adventures. You know, just in case you get bogged and need winching out. Mud Map looks like a prtty good option.

Powered by Navteq maps, the app features on and off road maps, hiking trails, camp sites and other outdoorsy points of interest. It has a full topographical map of Australia, with map data stored on the device to work when you're not in mobile reception areas. It tracks your position so you'll never get lost again, while also offering the ability to share your location with other users, giving simple directions to friends and family to help them find your campsite.

At $60 it isn't the cheapest app available and reviews on the app store are mixed... Has anyone tried this out? What are your thoughts...


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