Mirror Box + Digital Camera = Instant Wallpaper

If you're not already swamped this time of year, here's a fun experiment you can do with a compact digital camera, a box made of mirrors and any Christmas-themed items you might have lying around.

Ron Brinkmann created this easy-to-build project that really only requires you to know how to use duct tape and your camera's self-timer. Once you've got your scene set up inside you just drop your camera in with a few seconds countdown, put a mirror lid on top and wait for the results. It also provides the rare occasion to use your camera's built-in flash as a way to actually improve your photos, instead of just over-exposing them. [Digital Composting via Ron Brinkmann]


    This is fucking amazing.

      I was going to say something.. but this sums it up pretty nicely.

    Looks like something from Xanadu. Any moment Olivia Newton John will come rollerskating out of nowhere.

    It's ok.

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