Mini Maker Faire Melbourne! Saturday Jan 14

We’re big fans of Make here at Giz, so we’re excited by the first Australian Maker Faire at Swinburne University of Technology next month. Expect tinkering workshops and exhibitions for all sorts of technology and science, including DIY rockets and robots!

Best of all, early bird tickets are free until the end of December. Also worth noting – 2012 starts the following Monday in Ballarat. Geeky coincidence?

Sure, this is a mini faire (compared to the large size of the Bay Area flagship event) but this should still be a great way to spend your Saturday. I’ve been to the San Francisco Maker Faire a few times; always loved it:


    We're sorry that you've missed this allocation of tickets, however we're working on providing another allocation soon.


    When was this announced? How are all the tickets gone already?!?!?! *cries*

    gotta attend this. ! i wish they had some tix for alumnus !!

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