Microsoft's Awesome SkyDrive Is On The iPhone Now (and Windows Phone)

Previously, if you weren't on Windows, you couldn't take full advantage of all the awesomeness that was in SkyDrive, Microsoft's neato cloud storage service. Not anymore! They've just released an iOS app that'll let you upload photos, files, documents and manage SkyDrive folders straight from your iPhone.

No longer trapped to's HTML5 website, Skydrive makes a whole lot more sense for people to use on the iPhone now. You get 25GB of storage for free, which is a good chunk of change and you can use it pretty much however you like (to no surprise, SkyDrive works well with Office files, other Live services, etc.). Unfortunately, there's no iPad version of the app yet.

There's also a native app for Windows Phone too which seems like a long time coming, actually! [iTunes via Windows Team Blog]


    Yeh this is no suprise, it makes sense that windows release an app for iphone if they wanna get their product out there. And considering iCloud runs on Azure (and Elastic) it would have been pretty easy to do.

    How is Skydrive awesome? It's integration is pathetic into Windows anyway, and it's being neglected even more. Wow, iPhone and Windows Phone 7 version! Still nothing for Windows on the PC.

      I have found it really good.

    Just fucking wait Mitch, I know it's a long time coming, but they'll bloody get there.

      By the time they "get there" it will be obsolete.. just like nearly every other Microsoft endeavor :)

      I have to agree with Mitch, mostly. Windows has had Mesh (and previous versions of such) for a few years now but MS has just not bothered to really do anything with it except have a synced storage folder. Which is cool, but ...

      They only need to do one thing to make it suddenly awesome: include the folder I've synced with Mesh in with my other SkyDrive folders. As it is it's segregated and the two don't interact at all.

      Having said all that, SkyDrive *is* awesome. Especially with the recent updates, SkyDrive + Hotmail + Office Live is a great ensemble. IMHO easily matching Google's offering (although I have to admit, Google Reader still kicks arse).

        Hi TSH, big thanks to you and everyone else for their feedback. Im the product manager for SkyDrive in Australia and I' m happy you guys have taken the time to voice your opinions on the latest updates.

        SkyDrive integration will continue to evolve across the likes of Windows, Office and Hotmail with a focus on becoming more accessible from wherever users want to access their stuff - like iPhone for example.

        Keep the feedback coming guys... it is being heard.



          Thanks for being part of the conversation Adam. Good to see you on Giz! Anyone have any questions for him?

          Wow, good to know someone's listening! :--]

          Just downloaded the SkyDrive app for my WP7.5 handset and very much liking it so far. Like I said, for me the last major piece of the puzzle would be to have my Mesh'd folder treated like any other SkyDrive folder.

            Hey TSH, Yeah like i said, we are 100% committed toSkyDrive so you can expect more improvements across a range of devices and paltforms moving forward.
            Stick with it and im sure you'll be pleased with the range of improvements rolled out in the near future :)

            Any more Q's guys?

    I said it when the Xbox iOS app came out and I'll say it again - One less reason for me to stay with Windows Phone.

    I know that this is an app, compared to the OS level integration in WP7 but combined with iCloud it makes iOS slightly more appealing (to me anyway).

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