Men Who Want To Be President Are Arguing Over A Moon Colony

Last night's presidential debate didn't bring much unseen material forth from the GOP contenders, but new rivals Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney butted heads over one very pertinent issue: the moon. Should we mine it for moon minerals? Let's argue.

It started, the LA Times reports, when Romney was asked to explain what sets him apart from Newt -- and of course, he started with something highly relevant to the average voter:

"We could start with his idea to have a lunar colony that would mine minerals from the moon. I'm not in favour of spending that kind of money to do that."

And Romney is right! Sort of: ABC News says Gingrich has talked moon love before, but maybe not to the ridiculous extent Mitt implied:

Gingrich has proposed scaling back NASA and offering private companies prizes for space travel, including travel to the moon. He mentioned lunar colonies at a townhall meeting in Bluffton, South Carolina when a student said he wanted to work for NASA.

Mining the moon will probably be more important for the 2172 election, when the nation might have the money and attention span to do so. But that won't stop the squabbling: "I'm happy to defend the idea that America should be in space and should be there in an aggressive, entrepreneurial way," longtime space enthusiast Newt Gingrich shot back. Mining the moon for... moon rocks is definitely aggressive! Aggressively stupid. How about everyone stops talking about mining the moon for the duration of this election, unless there is some plan to end American unemployment by flying every jobless citizen to the vacuum of space. [LA Times]

Above video is from June's GOP debate


    It's a pity Michelle Buchmann didn't get involved - It would be interesting to hear what God has told her to do with the moon.

    How did this article get written from this video? They don't match. The guy in the video is dead set sensible.

      Yeah I was wondering about that too? I think maybe the vid has been edited too short?

        "Above video is from June’s GOP debate" so not really in context at all.

    Of course if Obama (PBUH) had proposed it, we would be all "winning the future" about it right?

      So I guess there are some people who do genuinely believe the Obama = Muslim conspiracy theories. Just as laughable, is that some use his faith as grounds to criticise. Get over yourself.


        Considering Obama inherited the recession that the Republicans put America in in the first place, and that his hands have been tied by The Tea Party's invasion of the Senate, who now literally block everything sensible he proposes (even when America's credit rating is on the line) I actually think he's doing a damn fine job. And FFS, how any one column possibly link Obama to any Muslim conspiracies blows my mind. Guess we never went to the moon too right?

    FWIW, I reckon we should be going back to the Moon - with a half-dozen robots to explore in intimate detail and find a good site for a more permanent experimental base. The advantages of such a thing are many and substantial, without mining ever entering the equation.

    Is this actually up for debate? Yeah lets go mine and change the weight of the one single thing that so accurately controls our tides and god knows what else. What could we possible need to produce so badly we need moon materials?

      Helium-3 (He-3, sometimes called tralphium[1]) is a light, non-radioactive isotope of helium with two protons and one neutron. It is rare on Earth, and is sought for use in nuclear fusion research. The abundance of helium-3 is thought to be greater on the Moon (embedded in the upper layer of regolith by the solar wind over billions of years)

        I learnt that much from the "Moon" movie...but I think its a long way to go to mine a natural gas that once again is non renewable. A Lunar Gas mining system has to cost more in development and maintenance than replacing current energy needs or improving current tech. Imagine what those years of government funded research and development could do to current solar or geothermal technology; truely abuntant, renewable sources we already know work. It would only take 6km2 of solar panels to power Australian with growth until 2050 just on solar.

        I'm no eco warrior, tree huggin hippy type, but I hate seeing this typical political time wasting. its the same on every major topic. Never really get to the root of the issues with a real solution. Mine the moon?...pfft. Lets mine 433 Eros, it has more gold and silver on it than humans have managed to discover in all of history.

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