Louis CK Pays To Stream His Show To You

Instead of airing it on HBO in the US or other premium cable networks which would have limited its availability, Louis CK is now streaming his Live at the Beacon Theater special on his website to anywhere in the world for just $US5.

The video is provided free of DRM, regional restrictions, or any kind of crap that could prevent it from easily being played or downloaded and burned to a DVD. And as Louis points out via Twitter: "Please don't torrent this video. I paid for the whole thing with my own stupid money." So if you do download the special, don't immediately go spreading it around. He's trying to do the right thing for his fans by making it available to everybody at the same time, so let's try and support his efforts. I can't think of a more entertaining way to spend $US5 on a lazy Sunday. [LouisCK.com]

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