The Life Of A Cheerleader Through Her GoPro Eyes

Wanna know what it feels like to be a cheerleader? Sure you do! Thanks to an LSU cheerleader who attached a GoPro camera to her head while performing her usual round of stunts, jumps, twirls and chants, you finally can. It's dizzyingly impressive.

The video was created during the LSU-Arkansas game last month and the cheerleader is a "flyer", which means she gets thrown and spun in the air like a ragdoll. Watching her cheer is like being on a roller coaster ride filled with male cheerleaders and bare knees. COOL. [YouTube via Neatorama]


    This is a low-level COLLEGE game? Christ, that stadium is more packed than most professional footy games over here.

      Low Level?. Its Div 1. LSU are the No.1 ranked team in the country playing in the national championship game next month. :)

      You must be from Sydney.

    Those dudes take their college sport so seriously!

    And you just know that those dudes are cheerleaders to pickup chicks.

    need more buckets on people's heads, and a skyrim tag. Then i'd be interested.

      I still haven't worked out yet how to do the bucket move... You must teach me oh master!

    Finally, I know what it feels like to be a pretty girl with nice legs.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    so cool.I have an extrem sport dv,it's good too

    Shame she didn't take the camera to the showers! Lol

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