iTunes Match Rolling Out In Australia

Apple's online music streaming service iTunes Match has been US-exclusive since its launch in November. But it seems that Australia is about to get on that bandwagon, with the iTunes Match option appearing in Aussie iTunes users Account Information page.

The service looks to be priced at $35 a year for Australian users, compared to the $US25 a year Americans get the service for. Reports online are stating that while it's possible to sign up for the service, it appears that it's not quite ready to go, with nothing actually happening once your credit card has been charged.

Apple hasn't yet made an official announcement, so it's not clear whether this is a software glitch or simply a precursor to the official launch in the very near future, but t might be worth holding off for a day or two to see how the launch progresses before committing to the purchase, especially given it doesn't seem to be working just yet.

[iTunes via MacRumors]

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