If You See The Front Of This LG TV, You'll See Its 3D

It's easy to spot the crowd watching a conventional 3D television — they're all wearing silly glasses and huddled together (3D doesn't exactly work from the side). The new LG DX2500 nixes all of that — no glasses, no lap sitting, just wide-angle glasses-free 3D.

The LG DX2500 basically watches you watch it. A camera embedded in the frame detects changes in the user's head and eye position in the room. With this real-time data, the monitor calculates the user's position relative to itself and optimizes the image accordingly. According the the company, this means that viewers will have a wider "optimal" viewing area and not need to rely on 3D glasses.

I am rather curious how this will accommodate multiple viewers. Though at this point, if I really want to find out, I'll have to hop a flight to Korea and slap down 1.3 million Won (about $US1500) to see. Otherwise, the TV ships worldwide early next year. [LG via Engadget]

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