I Want To Live In A House With Elephants In The Garden

This is the view from one of the suites at the Makanyane Safari Lodge, a hotel hidden in a private 1,800-hectare ground in South Africa's Madikwe Game Reserve, just under Botswana. It's a perfect dream gift for nature lovers.

I would rather get the gift of an amazing experience like this rather than another useless toy.

And it's not that expensive, considering the prices of most luxury hotels in the world. During high season, it's $US668 per night per person, which includes everything: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including wine, beer and spirits, mineral water, and the transfer from the air strip at the Madikwe Game Reserve.

If you are into hunting — I'm not, I just want to watch the animals — it also includes two game drives in open jeeps and game walks with expert rangers.

The price also includes the obligatory emergency medical evacuation insurance, in case something goes wrong. The only medical evacuation I'm going to need is from the massive cocktail intake while pretending to be a rhymenocerous or a hiphopopotamus inside that infinite pool. [Makanyane Safari Lodge via The Fancy]

Infinite pool.

The bath of one of the suites.

Elephant passing by one of the rooms.

Another room.

I want to shower here.

A terrace of one of the suites.

Dinner in the open terrace.

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