Horrible Failure Kindle Fire Selling Millions

It's a shame that the Kindle Fire is such a maligned and buggy horror product, because nobody is buying them, right? Actually, Amazon is selling "millions of units, and [are] building millions more to meet the high demand." Oh darn!

The release by Bezos' Book Barn marks the first mention of Fire sales numbers, which some have speculated were kept under wraps because they sucked. Quite to the contrary, Amazon says "It's the bestselling product across all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks...In fact, demand is accelerating — Kindle Fire sales increased week over week for each of the past three weeks." In fact, the entire Kindle line is selling a million units every single week, with the Fire at the fore.

When we said the Kindle Fire was the iPad's first real competitor, we meant it. Numbers like this mean the Fire isn't going anywhere. [Amazon]


    As of last night, with the latest firmware update installed (6.2), I can now install any app VIA GETJAR !
    Now running Dolphin Browser, Angry Birds (of course) TuneIn Radio etc..
    My already awesome Kindle Fire is now... awesomerer... ?

    I think one of the selling points of Kindles, in general not just the Kindle Fire, is that they are different and by owning one, you are not owning something everyone else has.. like an iPad for example. Some people want to feel exclusive. Obviously that isn't true, it's just a perception people have, but if you went releasing the sales figures.. people wouldn't feel like they have something that relatively few people have.

    By Mr Sam Biddle's judgement I guess Vista was a fantastic product.

    I mean, heaps of people bought it so it had to be awesome, right?


    I think it's simple, people want Tablets.

    Sure, we all know they aren't created equal but when you can't even have a decent discussions about the pros and cons of Windows vs OSX with a majority of the population, how are they expected to understand the difference between an iPod and any other Tablet at a fraction of its price.

    Obviously I meant iPad and not iPod...

    Kindle has had a solid reputation for years now as *the* eBook reader to have. I'm seeing them pop up more and more, and every lunch I sit there in the cafe reading some classic sci-fi on my Kindle 3.

    Kindle Fire adds the one thing Kindle has been missing: true multimedia. I'd say that eInk is still better for reading, but these days people are used to the idea of a slate that's more than an eBook reader. Now is the right time for the Fire, and Amazon has the library to make it work.

    I'd say TSH is close to the mark there. Basically, this thing wouldn't be selling anywhere near as well if the other Kindles hadn't come before it. People loved them, and are now moving on to this. Well played.

    The Long Game is often the one that works best. (iDevices, xbox being examples)

    I agree with what TSH had to say as well. They're already a well respected product among millions of users aged 18 and up (not sure of the demographic, but a friend 19 has one for comics and such). I myself want one based on it's multimedia side of things. I like android, and I want to try and get into books, but I can't leave the convenience of a computer screen so I think this kind of ties them together in a way.

    Not sure if this all made sense, hopefully it does.

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