Telstra iPhone 4S Reception Issues Now Fixed?

Over the past month, frustrated iPhone 4S users on Telstra's network have been complaining about lost signal, dropping from almost full reception to SOS only without any reason. Turns out it was a network issue, which Telstra claims has now been fixed.

A tipster sent us an internal Telstra memo about the issue, which clearly states that the issue had nothing to do with the handsets but was an issue on Telstra's network:

Important Update: iPhone 4S Network Performance Issues

04:14 PM | 08/12/2011 - Message ID | 93102 - Profile | Please be advised, some customers may intermittently experience connectivity and reception issues with their iPhone 4S mobile device.

As a result, they may come into store with concerns for their device being faulty.

Please advise the customer that we are currently experiencing a technical issue within our Network, and we are actively working to resolve this as soon as possible, as a matter of urgency.

Please assure the customer that their device is not faulty, and follow the BAU complaints process where the customer is dissatisfied with the advice provided.

We're waiting for Telstra to confirm the validity of that memo, but the telco has told us that the technical issue was fixed last night:

This has now been fixed. In the past 24 hours we investigated reports that some iPhone 4S customers in certain coverage locations were experiencing a temporary reduction in coverage. Some network changes were completed last night which has corrected this.

Of course, the real proof that the issue has been fixed comes from the users. So have any Telstra iPhone 4S users noticed the issue today? Or has the Big T managed to rectify its network problem for iPhone 4S users?



    Seems to be fixed for me. was getting about 10-11 reception drops a day and today havent seen any! didnt have to do any network resets, iphone restarts or anything. Good work telstra, took 37pages on whirlpool to get you to move, but you did it in the end!

    For months I've been getting the same with the Optus network, I've just been putting up with it. iPhone 3Gs in my case. Seemed to start when all this 4G network went live. Probably coincidence...

    It seems better today. I put up with it until fed up (as this was the exact reason i left optus) i complained in a T store only to be told that it was a software issue on my phone and to just bear with it. Nice to finally know now that the issue was with the network and not the phone.

      I just joined telstra, complained and had my bill for this month waived. I pay a premium for Telstra over other carriers, presumably because it provides more reliable service. Also, it's effectively a breach of contract. Customer service is really friendly, even if they are against bureaucracy where you have to keep repeating yourself.

    Was this only effecting 4S users? I'm using a 4 with iOS 5.0.1 and I've been having major signal issues with Telstra, primarily in Melbourne CBD... It would show full 3G reception, but just not load any pages in Safari, nor connect to apps like Facebook or Skype etc...

      I've been wondering a similar thing about my coverage in Brisbane (I also have an iphone 4 on 5.0.1). My issues revolve around being 2 kays from the city, and a stones throw to a local exchange (complete with mobile antenna's), and usually only having two bars of coverage, and frequent network dropouts (iphone says no carrier). It hasnt affected phone calls, or data (as far as I can tell), but something has certainly changed recently.

      Also used to get 'Telstra', not '3 Telstra' too. I'm told they are one and the same, but I cant help but think my network issues are related.

    I have the iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 and I have the same issues with Optus.

    I have been getting the same issue multiple times a day with my iPhone 4 and I am on the Optus Network. I have spoken to Optus Faults about it and they have informed me that there is no issues with their network, even when it has also affected 2 other iPhone 4 users that sit near me! So for now all I can do is put up with it!

    i'm getting SOS only on Optus several times a day. It seems to have been really bad for the past 6 weeks are there abouts.

    I'd been getting dropouts on a 4S on Telstra for the past few days but I haven't seen any today. So it's looking good so far.

    I'd been getting these dropouts regularly too, probably 4-5 times a day. Haven't had any today yet so *fingers crossed* it's sorted!

      Still no issues today! iPhone 4S in Brisbane CBD here.

    A Telstra spokesperson added; 'Please be assured that we will bleed you dry with our uncompetitive rates and exorbitant charges whilst providing a third rate service...'

      or to put it another way, "We're not happy until your not happy"

      Thruppence, that's seriously laughable. I've done a tour of the other providers over the past 3 years and, 2 months ago, after a year dealing with Optus and their shocking network performance, I settled on Telstra because the quality of their network is far and away the best in Australia. It's been the best move I've made. I'm happy to pay a little extra for that.

      Sigh. Telstra customer service can suck big time, but their network is far superior to any other provider, even when you compare to it to overseas providers. You pay extra for that.
      Guess you are one of those people who think that if you can't see it, it should be free.
      Please enlighten us as to the far superior provider you use.

        Can't respond now; putting stoppers in the electrication sockets around the house so that precious 'electricity' doesn't trickle out...

        "Telstra customer service can suck big time"

        No. It stinks. The hours spent attempting to correct issues of Telstra's making... Indolent, cheating b*st*rds.

    I've just jumped from Optus to Telstra when the 4S came out, and had been noticing this. Almost every time I looked at my phone, the coverage said "SOS Only" [or no bars or something similar] for a few seconds before jumping up to full.

    I work in an office underneath a concrete carpark though and don't normally get coverage until I go upstairs, so I'll have to wait till much later to see if it's magically fixed today. It definitely wasn't yesterday.

    I've got a 4s and on Telstra in Brisbane and have definitely been having connectivity issues. I thought for some time it may have just been me but after speaking to a collegue realised it was more common than just me. Glad to see that it has been noticed and hopefully rectified. Normally the coverage and service is excellent and I've always been an extremely happy Telstra customer.

    I haven't noticed any issues today.

    Been getting this with my 4 on telstra in the middle of Melbourne. Never had any issues before 5.0.1...

    2 dropouts yesterday, both affected my phone and my sons within seconds of each other, so I knew it was a network issue not a phone issue. So no, not fixed here yet

    Reception issues have not changed at all, if at all then possibly worse than it was but definitely not better.

    For a period of about 3 weeks up to 4 December, I was having this issue about 5 or 6 time a day, every day. I go to use my 4S and find it is searching. Since the week following 4/12 I have had no similar issues with Telstra reception.

    Still dropping out exactly the same. When phone sleeps for a while, goes into SOS only mode. Have to reboot phone then ..searching > SOS > Telstra > Telstra 3G. In personal hotspot mode - 3G has errors loading pages and is generally running slowly.

    I had an iPhone which was fine, so I didn't even consider reception being an issue on a 4S. Unfortunately, it very much is. 3G data performance is particularly substandard, but even making calls is dodgy as hell. This is my second 4S handset and the problem persists.

    Sorry, should have read, "I had an iPhone 4 . . ."

    Rang Telstra today and complained about bad reception and drop-outs and they admitted that the problem with the network is still there and they have not yet found a solution. It's not the handset, but the issue's are with the iphone 4s. They even offered me a different phone, but alas were an Apple run household and I really want to keep my iphone. Bugger.

    Wish I had read these forums before I bought an IPhone 4S today, I wouldn't have transferred my sim card over would have kept my nokia active with the same number.I'm now uncontactable because IPhone 4S causes social isolation, it is an OHS issue.

    Just noticed this today after owning 4s for a few days. It was on 4 bars then suddenly dropped out to SOS only and wouldnt return to normal until I turned the phone on an off. This is on the Telstra network with the latest carrier settings. So it is still an issue.

    My problem started on Sunday22nd, and still exists. Phone being taken back to Apple today as no end of restarts, removing sim etc etc have made any difference !!!

    Have this issue myself. Turned the phone off last night and when I turned it back on 'No Sim'. Went to Telstra shop who replaced sim with no luck, now it is 'SOS Only'. Spoke to Telstra customer service and they told me it will take up to 10 days to resolve. In the mean time I have no phone for incoming or outgoing calls. Not Good!

    I have had this issue of 'SIM failure' 'SOS' since week before xmas. Rang up Telstra help got some women that was useless. Told me to take phone into Telstra shop. Which I am doing on Saturday. Did some research on google come across below link.
    It is very interesting. You will not believe how many people have this issue. I intend taking this link with me to the shop to get their views and comments on it.

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