Telstra iPhone 4S Reception Issues Now Fixed?

Telstra iPhone 4S Reception Issues Now Fixed?

Over the past month, frustrated iPhone 4S users on Telstra’s network have been complaining about lost signal, dropping from almost full reception to SOS only without any reason. Turns out it was a network issue, which Telstra claims has now been fixed.

A tipster sent us an internal Telstra memo about the issue, which clearly states that the issue had nothing to do with the handsets but was an issue on Telstra’s network:

Important Update: iPhone 4S Network Performance Issues

04:14 PM | 08/12/2011 – Message ID | 93102 – Profile | Please be advised, some customers may intermittently experience connectivity and reception issues with their iPhone 4S mobile device.

As a result, they may come into store with concerns for their device being faulty.

Please advise the customer that we are currently experiencing a technical issue within our Network, and we are actively working to resolve this as soon as possible, as a matter of urgency.

Please assure the customer that their device is not faulty, and follow the BAU complaints process where the customer is dissatisfied with the advice provided.

We’re waiting for Telstra to confirm the validity of that memo, but the telco has told us that the technical issue was fixed last night:

This has now been fixed. In the past 24 hours we investigated reports that some iPhone 4S customers in certain coverage locations were experiencing a temporary reduction in coverage. Some network changes were completed last night which has corrected this.

Of course, the real proof that the issue has been fixed comes from the users. So have any Telstra iPhone 4S users noticed the issue today? Or has the Big T managed to rectify its network problem for iPhone 4S users?