Garmin Has A Fitness Tracking App Too

Garmin Has A Fitness Tracking App Too

Long before there was Nike+ or Runkeeper, there were Garmin fitness watches that monitored every aspect of your workout. And while those products continue to offer a premium solution for fitness freaks, the company has also decided to cater to the iCrowd, launching a fitness app and adapter for iPhone users.

The Garmin solution comprises of two main parts: the $0.99 Garmin Fit app from the app store, and the $55 ANT+ adapter for the iPhone. For most users, the app itself will be more than enough, tracking time, distance, pace and calories while letting you listen to music or make phone calls. The ANT+ adapter adds the ability to monitor heart rate and cadence when used in conjunction with other Garmin ANT+ accessories.

Like Nike+, Garmin Fit also has an online component, sending your performance results to Garmin Connect to let you monitor your performance over time.

Android users shouldn’t feel left out though, with the Garmin Fit app also available for Android, although there’s no ANT+ adapter for the open source platform.