Double-Amputee Solider Skydives With War Dog

I was ready to face the possibility that the war dog well ran dry -- no further awesomeness of fur and daring could be extracted. I was wrong. This prosthetic-legged warrior jumped out of a plane, war dog in tow.

The soldier in question wrote in to DefenseTech with his small story:

"I am still rocking! For those who haven't heard, I was blown up, with my MWD, Axe, Feb 17th of this year. I lost both of my feet, and was back to work in July. …"

And out the plane he goes, combat-vested canine strapped to his chest. The next step will be a war dog singlehandedly saving the Large Hadron Collider from self-destruction. [DefenseTech]


    I can only ask why??


      Also what's with the strange army tie in? Yeah you're in the army. I get it.

    i wonder what the dog was thinking as it was falling?

      ha yeah i rekon

      to be honest the dog probably loves it. beats just sticking your head out the passenger side window of a car :-)

    What is a 'solider' by the way?

      I was about to say the same. Maybe a Metal Gear Solid fanboy?

    That pooch looks absolutely stoked. :)
    Brilliant stuff.
    Love the lightning strike right near the end too.

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