Cryptek USB Keeps Your Data Doubly Secure

Cryptek USB Keeps Your Data Doubly Secure

From Kickstarter project to the real deal, this very solid-looking USB drive from Cryptek is the perfect way for the paranoid to keep their data safe. A fusion of slick design, physical security and digital encryption, it’s now available for pre-order, with shipping to commence before December 31.

On the outside, we have five rings of anodised aluminium alloy, each featuring 26 letters (for 14,348,907 possible passwords, according to Cryptek and, uh, probability). Much like the locks on a briefcase, you simply turn the rings to the correct combination and the container will open, revealing the USB stick. The drive features 256-bit AES encryption, so even if some Neal Caffrey wannabe figures out the code, they’ll be stuck plugging away for many, many years to access your data.

If you happen to leave your code in your other brain, you can send it to Cryptek and they’ll break into it for you. So, as long as your stick doesn’t get stolen by someone who is even remotely familiar with bribes, you should be OK. Fortunately for us, this won’t get them past the AES encryption. Best to remember to use that, then.

As you might have already guessed, this super secure USB will demand a healthy amount of wallet-emptying. $US130 plus $US15 for shipping will get you the 8GB, while an extra $US30 will increase this to 16GB. Short of coating your existing thumb drive with a layer of contact poison you’ve built an immunity to over the last 10 years, this is probably the most portable and less death-enticing option available.

A clip of the stick in action can be found below.

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