Cheaters Come Up With The Darnedest Ideas

I know it's a bit of a cliche, but if the kids who came up with the idea of cheating in exams by photoshopping answers onto a Coke label put the same amount of thought into study, they probably wouldn't need to cheat.

USA Today tells the story of students who are scanning coke bottle labels and then photoshopping in important answers to exams where the ingredients and dietary information normally goes. The YouTube video above already has more than 7 million views.

Of course, if you are a student and you're thinking of using this idea to cheat, know that because it's on YouTube, teachers are looking for it now, so you're much better off just studying hard and doing your best without cheating.

[USA Today]


    This is old news, a few people at Uni have tried this already a couple of years ago.

    How is this news? At my uni they've made people remove the labels from bottles for ages. And if I remember correctly we had similar standards in high school.

    and this is how steve jobs passed college. LOL
    rip stebe jobs your on ICLOUD now! ahaha

    UQ banned all bottles except clear bottles with see through liquid to stop these things.

    When at university you could visit the toilet as much as you needed, some people went A LOT! I later heard some people eventually got caught because the monitor went in and heard paper rustling (not TP). How dumb not to write on a handkerchief

    Graphics calculators now have the ability to store notes, so if you're doing an exam that requires a calculator, then take one of them. no need to go to a toilet to cheat. This is old, and the examination standards at uni and highschools in australia is that labels are removed from bottles, phones are switched off and pockets are emptied when you go to the toilet.

      Back in high school, before the important exams we were told to wipe the calculators bar the approved programs that we were allowed to use in the exam. Don't know if it's changed in the last 8 years but I'd assume that'd be par for the course now anyway.

        In the US we had to clear our calcs too, but I knew pleanty of people with calculator apps that displayed the menue and clear screens so that they could fake it.

    This takes me back. It was the early 90's and my HP 48SX was jam packed with Geology notes. I hated geology, but my trusty 48SX got me through. The great thing about that calculator is that its so cumbersome to access information that I could barely get to the notes, let alone an exam supervisor. Now, twenty years later its sitting on my desk, dead. I'll never get rid of it, it's like an old friend.

    When I went through high school and uni ten years ago we were only allowed to take approved scientific calculators into exams - they couldn't store notes. We were also only allowed to take clear plastic bottles in. I've been to three unis and this has been the policy at all of them, so I assume its pretty standard.

    Anyone can cheat, even with an approved model im sure you could swap the guts with an unapproved model

    "siri, read me my physics notes"

    i used to take ALOT of junk into exams to keep a messy desk
    that way they wudnt notice that:
    a) my penicils and pens had notes on them
    b) the black calculator lid had graphite formulars hidden in the "instructions" of the packaging (you know how calculators come with that sticker telling you combination keys etc). Also the lid itself was dark grey, so under a light the graphite lead would reflect and u cud read the notes. then wipe them away with your finger once ur done
    c) the eraser had a cardboard packaging wrap around it (like a matchstick box). once u slide it out, theres writing
    d) I had two calculators. One university approved, another with a fake approval sticker affixed (taken from an approved calculator). The lid of the unapproved one was face up over it to hide the model when not in use and make it blatantly obvious that the calculator was approved so to draw away suspicion.
    e) sometimes id recite every piece of short note or formular in my head a few minutes before the exam and scribble it on the "name field" or on desk or whatever i could find, during the start of the exam when your only supposed to write your name.
    then you go start the exam and refer to it, clearing your head for other things. And finish the exam and then fill out your name at the end (just rub it out and if they say pens down, say you didnt fill out your name correctly, they cant be d!cks and not accept a unnamed paper)

    Back in my day, we were allowed cheat sheets. No bigger than a A4 paper, and we could put anything on it. This was in Canberra in 98-99.

    What's wrong with actually learning, remembering, recalling & reciting?
    Put the creativity into learning and passing, not copying someone elses cheat!

      AHHH!!! RUN!!! FUN POLICE!!!

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