Carve Your Way Down The Slopes With A Big Stick

The worst part of snowboarding? Getting stuck on the flats, having to uncouple your boot, pedal along like a schmuck — all while hoping you don't get run down from behind. Bugger that. The Kahuna Snow Stick turns your snowboard into reliable cross-country transportation.

The Kahuna is an adjustable aluminium pole modelled after a stand-up surf paddle. The polycarbonate blade is lined with "teeth" that allows it to better grip the snow. When you're on the flats, the Kahuna is used to paddle you along. Once you get to the downhill, the Kahuna works as an counter-weight, letting you carve deeper and harder than you could by just extending your arms. It also can be employed as a training aide for beginners.

The Kahuna Snow Stick retails for $US120 from Kahuna Creations. And if you live where there isn't snow, the company also makes traditional surf paddles and a road blade for long-boarding. [Kahuna Creations via GearJunkie]

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