Can You Believe The Sticks On This Guy's Face Are Actually Bugs?

Hey crazy people, don't you ever stop being crazy. Even though I don't understand you, you give me so much joy. Like this guy! Look how happy he is! Happy to have his face covered with a bunch of stick bugs.

Apparently, he pulled this stunt off to mark the opening of the Bugs Garden habitat at Wild Life Sydney. I don't know what else to say other than those bugs are flipping gigantic and if I saw one in real life I'd toss it as fast as I could. I definitely would not let them poke their uncanny stick-like self up my nose. [BuzzFeed, Image Credit: Getty]


    Some of those insects are amazing, you'd swear they were sticks until they move.

    I remember when I was little, the first time I saw one in the garden. Freaked me right out! (Not scared, I mean my sense of reality went upside down).

    These things are cool. Used to have a terrarium which held 7
    about the size of the one clutching this guy's ear.
    They're totally harmless, can't run or walk too fast.
    Then when I got to Aussie I saw the arm sized ones,
    still totally harmless, but WTF dude!!!

    This guy must have not washed his beard or nose recently,
    look at them hunting for food!!

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