Bountiful Gifts For The Urban Farmer

Even in very small plots, few pastimes are as edibly rewarding as gardening. Whether it's a backyard or a reclaimed city parcel, these gifts will help the green thumb on your list grow prize-winning produce.

1. Wolf-Garten Vegetable Garden Set

Who says every tool needs its own handle? You don't use two at once. The Wolf-Garten Vegetable Garden Set includes six interchangeable heads and a single handle — everything the gardeners on your list need to get their greenery going without wasting valuable storage space. $US100. [Bluestone Garden]

2. Hose Clothes - Leopard

Who said your home's decor has to stop at the front door? Accessorise your watering equipment with the Hose Clothes. This fast-drying, mildew-resistant cover slips onto hoses up to in diameter and comes in 8m and 10m lengths. $US24. [Dirt Couture]

3. The ROC Rayon-Bamboo Nitrile Gloves

Wrinkly fingers from sweat-soaked gardening gloves? Ew, no thank you. These gloves from ROC are made from bamboo fibre, which soaks up moisture and resists mildew, keeping hands cool and dry. $US14. [Amazon]

4. Super-Penetration Shovel

Slice into even the hardest clay soil like a hot knife through butter with the Super-Penetration Shovel from Garrett-Wade. Its steel head is tapered with sharpened edges for punching through compacted earth with minimal force. $US118. [Garrett Wade]

5. PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor

Some folks are born with a green thumb, seemingly able to anticipate their garden's every need. For the rest of us, the PlantSmart sensor can translate. It measures sunlight, temperature, moisture and soil conditions, providing the information you need to keep plants healthy and happy. $US60. [Black and Decker]

6. Red Dragon VT 2-23C Weed Dragon

If weeds have the gall to push up into your planting beds, the only rational response is — of course — to kill them with fire. The Weed dragon hooks up to any propane cylinder and burns at 100,000 BTU to wither any weed in your way. $US76. [Amazon]

7. Illuminator UFO 5-Band Tri-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Successfully germinating seeds takes more than just tossing them in the ground and hoping for the best. The Illuminator UFO uses just 90W of electricity and lasts 50,000 hours, providing sprouts the spectrum of light they need to thrive. $US400. [Amazon]

8. Bon-Aire Ultimate Hose Nozzle

Not all nozzles are created equal. The Bon-Aire Ultimate is designed after firefighter nozzles and provides five spray patterns — from gentle rain-like action to a grime-busting power stream — a two-way shut off valve that resists leaking. $US30. [Amazon]

9. Fiskars 9124 Professional Pruning Shears

As fun as swinging hatchet about is, some trimming jobs require a more delicate touch. The Fiskars 9124 pruning shears feature an adjustable blade tension, sap groove for smooth cutting action and an ambidextrous design. $US20. [Amazon]

10. Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid

Spend more time in your garden and less on your lawn with the Husqvarna Automower. It can trim up to a half acre — assuming you need that much — and the embedded solar cells help keep the mower running longer between recharges. $US3000. [Husqvarna]

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