Bluetooth Calculator Returns The Number Pad Apple's Keyboard Stole From You

The lack of a dedicated number pad on Apple's Wireless Keyboard is probably a deal breaker for spreadsheet junkies. Unless they're willing to spend $US60 for this matching bluetooth calculator accessory that returns that luxury.

The price tag is a little hard to swallow given Apple's keyboard is just $US10 more, but south paws will love that their number pad can finally be placed on the left side of their setup.

On its own it's your basic 10 digit calculator with a twelve character numerical display, but pair it to a Windows or OS X system and it will become an Excel user's most trusted companion. Of course its familiar styling will probably make it better suited to complementing Apple's hardware, but who am I to tell accountants — the rebels of the finance world — what gear they should use this with? [SMK-Link via Ubergizmo]

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