Bill Gates Not Going Back To Microsoft

Bill Gates Not Going Back To Microsoft

Bill Gates and his family are enjoying a holiday in the miserable Sydney weather at the moment (seriously, this is supposed to be summer?), and took a moment to speak with the SMH about a range of topics, including his supposed return to the Microsoft top job. Turns out it’s not going to happen.

“I’m part-time involved with Microsoft including even being in touch this week to give some of my advice,” he said, but he says the philanthropic foundation he formed with his wife will remain his priority.

“That will be what I do the rest of my life.

“The foundation requires all of my energy and we feel we’re having a great impact.”

He also discussed the death of Steve Jobs and argued that Australia should spend more money on foreign aid and delay its return to a budget surplus.

It’s always fun to get insights from one of tech’s greatest identities. Head over to the Herald to read the rest of the interview.