Bill Gates Modifying Bananas For The Third World

If you thought Geek legend and Microsoft founder Bill Gates would come all the way to Australia just for a holiday, you're very mistaken. Turns out the billionaire took some time for a secret meeting with Aussie scientists to check on the progress of some genetically modified bananas he'd been bankrolling...

As part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates donated $10 million to five scientists at the University of Technology in Queensland to genetically modify bananas with additional pro-vitamin A, which is typically lacking in poor African nations. So while he was in Australia, he took the time to meet the scientists at a top secret banana meeting.

From all accounts, it was a short, sharp meeting that went well. The bananas have apparently done so well they're now being grown in Uganda in a trial there, too, so hopefully the fruit will start doing more to prevent disease in the impoverished nation.


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