Best iPad Alternative: Gizmodo Awards Winners

Best iPad Alternative: Gizmodo Awards Winners

Tablets picked up proper speed in 2011, and there were plenty of worthwhile candidates. But which iPad alternative was best? You’ve voted, and the winner is…

Readers’ Choice: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

This was phenomenally close; every single time it looked like the Transformer would take the outright lead, the Tab 10.1 would jump ahead, and vice versa. When the dust settled, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 came out on top with 29.6 per cent, while the Transformer sat on 26.8 per cent. The Galaxy Tab 10.1v settled in third with 13.4 per cent.

Editor’s Choice: Asus Eee Pad Transformer

The Transformer offered something different and exciting in the tablet space; not only was the keyboard a design idea rather than a bolt on section but it also added battery life as well.