Australia Was Haunted By Red Moon Last Night

From midnight to 3AM this morning, Australians were fortunate enough to catch a great view of the last full lunar eclipse until 2014. Those in the best position were on the east coast, with Sydney being ideal. I'm not sure what it was like in Melbourne — I was too busy hiding away from the rain, which I'm sure would have impaled me had I wandered outside.

Compared to a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipses provides a bigger window of opportunity for observers — not only do they last longer (hours, rather than minutes), anyone on the night side of the planet can potentially see it. The red appearance is caused by the reflected sunlight scattering in the Earth's atmosphere, with the longer wavelengths punching through better than the shorter ones.

The best place to be during a lunar eclipse isn't Earth at all — according to NASA, the Earth is surrounded by a fiery-glow during such an event. How are those astronaut credentials shaping up for 2014?

If you happened to see the eclipse or, even better, captured a shot, please share in the comments below.


Image: NASA

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    I wished i had seen it, i was up that time of morning but Adelaide was under thick cloud so i couldn't see it :(

    I have seen a few before though.

    Didn't look anything near that picture hear in Hong Kong... :( Was just mild redish-blackish colour. Although at least I didn't get impaled by rain over here (but it was freezing).

    I saw this in Eastwood, Sydney!!! Damn I was freaked out ay!!

    we enjoyed a full moon all night and the lunar eclipse started around 1/4 to 7 in the morning (still dark in Saskatchewan), there was no reddish tinge. the moon was it's usual colour, the eclipse was awesome! took a few pics with my digital that were fairly blurry of course (no tripod), but great all the same!

    I did see it intermittently last night, even had my camera out to take a few photos of it but here's one of the shots i processed.

    It was amazing!!! Saw the whole thing slept under it!

    I spent a couple of hours trying to get some good shots of it. I made a little animation - check out the comments here:

    It was pretty red here in perth also. I assumed because viewers from india and japan experienced it, that the entire east coast missed out - not just melbourne.

    Was pretty good though. I was explaining to my brother's girlfriend that it would be a better view from the moon because the earth would have a bright red-orange outline around it right now

    Saw all of the partial phase but only got a few minutes view of totality before cloud intercepted. Took plenty of photos of it from my location which is Kempsey, NSW.

    Hope to be heading to Cairns next year for the solar eclipse in November!

    I saw it here in Bris before the rain came - very pretty.

    Melbourne was mostly under cloud, which made me sad.
    Missed it too.

    Some really good shots have come from some of my friends in Perth, who spent the evening up at the observatory in the hills.
    background light? What background light?

    I saw it on the Gold Coast, looked great !

    i made a time-lapse, pretty happy, worked out well...
    hope you like it!

    Damn, why did no one tell me?

    Couldn't see a damn thing @ 1am in Melbourne, 360deg of nothing in the sky.

    Might have been some cloud covering it that i couldn't see. Disappointed!

    Was clouded over and raining :(

    Conditions were excellent for Perth. Skies were completely clear and you could see every phase of the eclipse.

    Couldnt see it in Ballarat, Vic at midnight and called it quits because clouds were thick with no hint of a break in the view.

    Had a fairly decent shot at it from Perth. Always find it so hard to get a sharp focus on the moon for some reason..

      Didn't see this before making my comment below.

      That's a great shot! Lunar photography is always tricky. There's so much atmosphere between you and the moon that a sharp shot is a rare catch indeed. Yours is nothing to apologise about.

    Very cloudy and wet here in Melbourne.

    The reminder I had set on my phone beeped only minutes before the first thunderclaps. I didn't even bother wondering outside. :(

    Had a massive storm right over Mornington + thick cloud cover so couldn't see a thing :(

    Live in Sydney but was in Melbourne last night! :-) It was very clouded so did not see anything!!! but the funny thing was heavy rain went the eclipse finished!!!

    It always sucks when the weather doesn't play nice with the rest of the cosmos..

    That example is a little too saturated – this is what I got up in the Blue Mountains – 900m up where the air is clearer.

    on the right hand side there was a star or planet something bright would like to know what it was :)

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