Apple TV Can Now Stream TV Shows In Australia

While you and I were catching up on some much-needed sleep last night, Apple was busy rolling out an update to its Apple TV platform that apparently introduced the ability to buy full episodes of TV shows to watch directly on your television. I haven't seen it though.

The update - which also rolled out to Canada and the UK users - apparently offers individual TV episodes for $2.99 in standard definition and $3.99 for high definition, streamed directly from iTunes.

There are plenty of reports of Australians getting the TV show option after the update, yet having downloaded the update myself this morning I still haven't seen the new service to confirm. Given Apple hasn't made any official announcement yet, my guess is that it's progressively rolling out, and I'm somewhere down the list.

Has anyone seen the TV Shows option on their Apple TV today? What's the selection like?

[9to5Mac, MacPrices Australia]

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