Apple TV Can Now Stream TV Shows In Australia

While you and I were catching up on some much-needed sleep last night, Apple was busy rolling out an update to its Apple TV platform that apparently introduced the ability to buy full episodes of TV shows to watch directly on your television. I haven't seen it though.

The update - which also rolled out to Canada and the UK users - apparently offers individual TV episodes for $2.99 in standard definition and $3.99 for high definition, streamed directly from iTunes.

There are plenty of reports of Australians getting the TV show option after the update, yet having downloaded the update myself this morning I still haven't seen the new service to confirm. Given Apple hasn't made any official announcement yet, my guess is that it's progressively rolling out, and I'm somewhere down the list.

Has anyone seen the TV Shows option on their Apple TV today? What's the selection like?

[9to5Mac, MacPrices Australia]

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    Since I don't own AppleTV nor a Mac.. and dislike iTunes, I'm unlikely to ever use this service.. but I'm curious about the pricing considering the current trend towards subscription based streaming offerings. Does anyone else think that $2.99/$3.99 per episode is a little expensive?

      Well for that price it's yours to keep. So if a song is $1.69 I think $2.99 for a half hour or an hour long TV show is fair.

        Nads, but you will listen to a song more than once. Too expensive.

          The inbetweeners standard def DVD first season is $29 at JB, with only six episodes making each episode $4.83 vs $2.99 for the same episode from iTunes. Yeah I can see how you would think saving almost $2 is terrible value...

          I don't use iTunes but I can see it's value.

            On the other hand, a standard American season is 22 episodes, and the DVD still costs $20 to $30.

      Yeah, to keep I think it's reasonable. I think, light487, you might be thinking of it in 'live' streaming terms? When they say streaming they just basically mean progressive download. You keep the show.

        Ahh ok.. if it is to keep, then that makes sense :)

      I thought you could only rent videos on the apple tv. I'm pretty sure thats the rental price.

        sorry. I didn't read it properly...


      I mean considering that buying a whole season(say 20eps) at $2.99 = close to $60 I think its way too much. I know that seasons will be discounted but by how much?

        By a lot. Maybe open iTunes and have a look?

    sounds much too expensive for my tastes.

      1 US season of a TV show = ~$39.95 = ~30 episodes = ~$1.30 per episode.

      Hmm. Considering the convenience, I guess it's a *reasonable* price. But it's certainly not competitive. I would still consider it better to buy the DVD, rip it, and stream that whenever I want. But then, I'm talking about keeping and rewatching, while I guess iTunes is more talking about getting the very latest.

      Agree Scott, it's just a little much.

        It works out cheaper for series with less episodes per season. A typical Doctor Who season is 12ish episodes, on DVD you'd pay $100 but on iTunes it works out heaps cheaper.

        It's a shame nobody does DRM-free downloads TV shows, though.

          But they do...

          ...oh wait, you mean legally?

          My bad.

    Didn't they used to have rentals? I would totally pay like, 50c for a 48 hour rental or something.

      They used to on the US store then they scraped them, i think it was 0.99 .

    Um, I have been agble to buy TV shows in iTunes and on my apple tv for a long time. I remeber buying episodes of The Loop and Commander & Chief at least 2 years ago... All though they weren't available in HD

      I think the difference here is that you'll be able to do it with the AppleTV interface directly.. not that I know much about AppleTV, as I don't have one.. but I think that is what this update is about, rather than the ability to get TV shows from iTunes.

    I updated yesterday and now have the “TV Shows” option (I’m in Northern NSW) but i can only preview shows. No option to buy or rent, only get a 90 second preview.

    Plenty of range on offer, BBC, ABC, Disney, plenty of USA stuff. I think that the other Aussie channels will cotton on soon.

    People are better off creating a US iTunes account and using that on their AppleTV for this purpose. TV shows are a $1 cheaper or you can choose to season pass, movie rentals have a much larger range and they are cheaper.

      I've struggled finding reliable US iTunes cards online. any recommendations?

        I haven't had an issue with the 6 or 7 sellers I have used on eBay. Just look at their feedback, if they are just selling iTunes cards they should be at 100%.

      So Ryan, is it just a matter of signing in your Apple TV with your US account? Nothing else needs to be done? Proxy server stuff etc?

    Apple needs to allow ABC iView onto the Apple TV, its stupid we get the Wall Street Journal and Base Ball here in Australia. It's almost like Apple don't bother trying to make the content relevant to markets outside of the US.

      I don't understand. There is somewhere other than the United states.

    This won't stop pirates. Why don't they price them at 50c, they would get thousands more downloads. .

      I agree. I would consider getting AppleTV and actually use it to buy/rent movies and tv shows if the prices were better. But at these rates I can't afford it which means I'll just continue pirating...

    My Apple TV had the tv shows menu yesterday but it has now been removed.

      Same. Although there was only a preview option. No way to download a show...

      Same here... dammit!

      My Apple TV had the tv shows menu yesterday too but has now been removed. What's happening with that?

    Same here, my AppleTV has the TV Shows option, but can only preview them at this stage.

    iTunes has a lot of shows on it, I don't mind paying for shows that I'd otherwise buy on DVD. There are often some good deals... At the moment, season 4 of Chuck is available for $24.99, and it's not released on DVD until February 2012 with an RRP of $40. At 24 episodes, I'm happy paying a dollar an episode.

    When I read all the posts yesterday I straight away turned my apple tv on and found that I had the tv show option. No update required. Could see big selection and option to buy was there.
    Today though, turn on apple tv and I see the option only for a few seconds before it disappears... What are they doing?

    What's funny, is that my first generation Apple TV has been able to do this since the day I bought it, but they removed the feature on the second generation box (I have both). So basically they are just giving back a feature they took away in the first place.
    I initially bought the second generation box so I could "rent tv" as an alternative to bit torrent, until I realised they weren't going to offer it in the first place, but now it;s been scrapped in the US anyway - go figure. At least I will be able to go back to purchasing tv shows directly on my main box again.

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