Alienware Aurora Is A $4K Gaming Behemoth

Alienware Aurora Is A $4K Gaming Behemoth

While real geeks build there own high-end gaming rigs, there’s still a market for PC gamers who want to buy a customisable high-end machine. The Alienware Aurora is designed for that market.

Featuring 2nd generation 3000 series Intel Core i7 Six Core Processor Options with an unlocked BIOS for overclocking, plus an abundance of graphics options, RAM capacities and HDD sizes, the Aurora is designed to be big in practically every way. It comes with “maintenance free” CPU liquid cooling in place of traditional heatsinks, while the chassis is designed for easy user upgrades.

Of course, you’re going to pay for a behemoth like that, and in this case the starting price is $3,999. It’s a lot of coin, but hardcore gamers aren’t strangers to spending lots of cash on machines like this.

If you are thinking about getting one though, avoid looking at the US Alienware site for information. You might end up a little peeved that prices for the same machine start much lower…