A Five-Screen Racing Simulator

Powered by an AMD Radeon HD 6870 graphics card, Chad Smith's five-screen racing simulator looks like it provides almost the same thrills as the military's simulators, without requiring the military's budget.

I'm sure his setup is powered by an above-average gaming PC, which when combined with his graphics card is able to push a 9600x1080 image to the five LCD displays -- at a consistent rate of 84fps. Tucked behind his force feedback steering wheel is an iPhone running the iRaceDash app which connects to the iRacing game, providing real time race info like a miniature HUD.

And while we've seen setups like this before, what makes Chad's video particularly drool-worthy is the fact that he filmed it with a GoPro HD camera strapped to his head, giving us a first person view of what it's like to sit in the driver's seat. [Tecca via Joystiq]


    "I’m sure his setup is powered by an above-average gaming PC"

    HD 6870 = $215 at my local.

    It's really not that extreme for a gaming machine.. you could build a decent i7 system containing that card for comfortably less than $1500. I'd actually concider it a rational price/performance build.

      "HD 6870 = $215 at my local"

      You're getting ripped off, $178.99 on Staticice just sayin.

      A 6870 is hardly a high end piece of equipment. Check out HD 6990 to make all your geeky christmases come at once

        Apologies. There are actually a variety of 6870s by different OEMs at this particular shop. The one that costs $215 is a nice one with a decent cooler and a mild factory overclock. The bog standard model is $185.

        I trust my local store moreso than an unknown online store indexer. The $6 difference would likely be eaten up by shipping costs and credit card fees anyhow.

        And yah, it's not high end. That's the original point. "above average-gaming PC" it is not.

    Yeah and its running off a dual core Intel E8400, it's a below average system if anything.

    He may have an awsome setup but he needs to learn to drive.

    It's the not the five screens that give him the edge, it's the authentic racing gloves ;-)

    The racing gloves are probably over kill

    5 screens but he's always looking forward!

      It's called peripheral vision.

    How about showing us the one thing that seems to attract most people to go and watch car racing.....a good old fashioned crash!

    Lame driving nana!

    5 Screens and he only uses 3. Why not sell off all 5, then buy 3 larger monitors and start again.

    The gloves are a bit overkill, but I think he's really trying to sell the realism.

    I can do better, I can do better, this is better that is better, blah blah blah.
    This guy didn't just say it, he did it.
    And posted video of it.
    Your turn folks.

    I still say this is a bloody awesome setup. Oh and the two missing screens?
    One is up top for the rear view (look closely now) and the other is probably the iPhone.

    IT's a helmet cam people so it's only tracking head movement. His eyes are probably darting off to the sides but mostly those extra monitors will be peripheral immersion.

    The rear view is part of the main monitor not seperate. You can see the bezel quite clearly.

      hmmm. It appears I did not look closely enough.

    what game is this? im confused, isnt iracing an iphone app not a pc game

    Look at all you jealous geeks... hardly a positive comment among you... stop pretending your not impressed...

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